DataFest Code of Conduct

This DataFest is intended to learn, create relationships, and have fun! Of course, a few guidelines need to be implemented. Therefore, all students, participants, guests, volunteers, sponsors, DataFest staff, service providers, and others in attendance are expected to behave in accordance with professional standards, with both this DataFest Code of Conduct as well as their respective employer’s policies governing appropriate workplace behavior, and applicable laws.

All students, participants, guests, volunteers, sponsors, DataFest staff, service providers, and others in attendance are to

  • be considerate, respectful, and collaborative
  • communicate openly, with civil attitudes, critiquing ideas rather than individuals
  • obey the rules and policies of the Joint Research Center Zeeland (JRCZ) as instructed in the information and safety video you received before your visit
  • be mindful of your surroundings and of your fellow participants
  • alert event organizers if you notice a dangerous situation or someone in distress
  • wear your badge at all times while at the event or event venues

Unacceptable behavior

We are dedicated to providing a fun, learning experience and a harassment-free experience for everyone, regardless of age, disability, physical appearance, race, ethnicity or religion. We do not

tolerate harassment in any form. Please inform a member of the staff in case of any problems.

Data Guidelines

Relevant datasets are provided by our sponsors. They are intended to be used during the DataFest. If you would like to use these datasets after the DataFest please contact the experts of the organization in order to get consent.


Photographs and videos: we may capture photographs or videos during our events. We may use these photographs and videos to provide training and/or to promote our services and future events.

Our legitimate interests being that we wish to advertise our event and our JRCZ. You can request not to be included in photo’s or videos. Please let us know.

House rules

  • wear you keycord and DataFest ID visible during the whole day
  • in case of a safety issue or alarm follow the instructions of the safety personal and gather outside the building
  • in the JRCZ building and on the terrain we hold a no-smoking policy
  • lunch and dinner will be served in the ground floor maker space
  • drinks and (healthy) snacks are available at the center bar and coffee corner. These are self service for attendees of the DataFest
  • we hold a 0% alcohol policy till 22:30h
  • clean up garbage immediately