Datasets and challenge

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Provincie Zeeland:

  • Klimaateffectatlas (2005 – 2021)
    Three scenario’s for several climate change conditions/activities, and their impacts
  • TopoTijdlijn (1900 – 2021) Background charts


  • Biodiversity (2000 – 2021)
    Three types (such as phytoplankton) Water plants
  • Water quantity and – quality (les requent that Biodiversity, but measured over time)


  • Nitrogen deposition (RIVM) (2005 – 2021)
  • List of relevant additional data sources (KNMI, Our World inData, etc.)


  • Biodiversity, several “waarnemingen” (observations, counts) dataset

DataFest for Climate: The challenge

Challenge: Effects of Climate Change on Biodiversity

The main challenge of DataFest 2023 revolves around exploring the consequences of climate change, with a specific focus on its effects on biodiversity. Participants will be provided with pre-screened datasets from HZ and UCR experts, but are also encouraged to seek additional datasets if needed. The aim is to generate valuable insights that can contribute to the development of solutions for preserving our planet’s diverse ecosystems.

Throughout the day, teams will work in the state-of-the-art Data Science Lab at the Joint Research Center Zeeland, benefiting from the knowledge and support of coaches and experts in both data science and the subject matter. Various engaging activities, such as short presentations and workshops, will be held to keep the atmosphere lively and informative.

At the end of the day, a jury will evaluate the teams’ work and announce the winners. This friendly competition provides an excellent opportunity for students to showcase their skills and make lasting connections with their peers and experts from different organizations, such as Rijkswaterstaat and Provincie Zeeland.

Supported by YourSurprise and Ocular.

DataFest 2023 is organized and funded by HZ University of Applied Sciences, University College Roosevelt, Scalda, Rijkswaterstaat, and Provincie Zeeland.

Together, we aim to foster a spirit of cooperation and mutual learning while working towards a better world. Join us for this incredible day of data-driven discovery and collaboration!